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Salon XC Masters

We believe that our company's commitment to providing exceptional quality services is the very foundation of a long-term relationship of trust with our customers. Salon XC Masters, we have a passion for beauty and we believe in teamwork and innovation. Our commitment to our customers, our efficiency and our performance make us a leader in our industry. Our absolute priority is the quality of services, good organization and customer safety. 

Founder • Business & marketing coach •  Lash master.

Our founder is often described as being extremely passionate and a detail-oriented perfectionist. After starting in her small room at 18, she managed to climb the ladder and build an empire by forming herself over the years. At only 24 years old, she is now at the head of a salon on three floors emphasizing the art of beauty and entrepreneurship in the field.


Always in search of a new original idea, she is described by her clients and students as being a lover of personal development, a therapist with a big heart and a more square discipline day by day. The XC Masters project emphasizes the importance of having their mark for each member of the team and above all of nourishing themselves with hope, positive energy and having self-confidence more than anything. She accompanies each person who meets her towards a path of self-fulfillment, for her clients, partners, students and friends. “Nothing is impossible as long as we keep trying, the resources are always available, we just have to learn how to get them. »


His latest creation is the business and marketing learning and coaching arm of the beauty industry. She wants to inspire, motivate and facilitate the journey of beauty professionals and those who aspire to become one, in order to allow other enthusiasts to reach greater heights with confidence thanks to the baggage that she brings to them. pass on with her team of XC masters that she is constantly training.


Lash master & co-owner Sinda • @Moonlash.xcmaster

Starting her journey as a lash artist 9 years ago, Sinda has always been passionate about the world of beauty. This passion only grew as she continuously saw her clients gain more and more self confidence just by simply enhancing their natural beauty.  The positivity and joy she saw on her clients’ faces led her to always want to better herself.


Sinda’s path to perfecting her skills brought her to join the XC Masters team.

With their extensive trainings and constant support, her skills and knowledge were able to be elevated on a completely different level. She now takes her years of experience and the training formula together to offer both the best lash extensions and classes to those who share this passion with her.

Ricky - Nail & Salon Master

Investor, Entrepreneur, Nail Artist and Trainer. Ricky has more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry as well as 5 locations and more than 20 employees. He is one of the most passionate and highly valued Masters by our customers due to his diligence and proven perfectionism one nail at a time.


He has mastered all the nail techniques on the market and passes on his passion and experience to his students through training and coaching.

Daniel escobar - team xc.JPG

Daniel - PMU, Lash & Brow master

Lash artist, permanent makeup artist, barber and hair treatment specialist. Having experienced salon work from a young age led Daniel to be a master at his craft. 

Over time, my research has shown me that solutions from dermatologists are often medicated or too complex in the long term, which can often be ineffective for many of us. I then decided to specialize in skin care in the salon as well as at home, while drawing inspiration from certain professionals who have proven themselves in the field. This not only fueled my passion for the skin, but above all allowed me to restore confidence in the clients who see me daily and who today testify to my expertise thanks to their breathtaking results. And that's why I always say, "No more makeup when you can have neat skin?! ".

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