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  • How long do eyelash extensions last?
    It all depends on the maintenance, eyelash extensions should last between 2-3 weeks before needing a filler.
  • What is “Slimwave”?
    Slimwave is an electro-muscular stimulation and infra-therapy technique that sends an electrical signal to your muscles resulting in contractions of varying speed and intensity for a period of 45 minutes, which is equivalent to 600 sit-ups. We can target specific parts of the body by working 2 to 3 areas at the same time whether it is to tone the body, burn fat or perform a detox through lymphatic drainage! It is for this reason that we recommend several sessions on a constant and regular basis. Nutrition is equally important for optimal results. This treatment is painless and satisfying.
  • Where are you located and do you have parking nearby?
    We are located at 6424 Boulevard Decarie, Montreal, Quebec, H3X 2K2. Parking is available on the boulevard as well as in nearby streets. A Valet Parking service is available with the purchase of a car wash on the same day of your appointment.
  • How do we make an appointment?
    You can check the booking site for the full availability list, the link is in our Instagram bio Or contact us at or 514-409-0403
  • What are your prices?
    You can check the booking site for the full price list, the link is in our Instagram bio -
  • I was referred by an influencer and I have a discount code. How do we make an appointment?
    Simply mention the influencer's discount code to your technician on the day of your appointment, your discount will be applied to your service.
  • What is the difference between a Basic Brow Lamination and a Deluxe Brow Lamination?
    DELUXE brow lamination includes lifting, tweezing and tinting. BASIC eyebrow lamination only includes lifting and waxing.
  • I am an influencer and I would like to collaborate with you, what is the process?
    We love collaborating with local influencers and we are constantly looking for brand ambassadors, do not hesitate to contact us via Instagram DM or by email at: or
  • What training do you offer?
    We offer training in the following areas: Classic eyelash extensions, Volume eyelash extensions, Classic and volume eyelash extensions, Eyelash enhancement (Lash Lift), Dermaplanning facial treatments, Nail application, manicure and pedicure, hair treatments, social networks and marketing management. Several other trainings are to come, we offer virtual training on demand. We also offer additional coaching in Beauty Business and Social Media Marketing, on an hourly basis. The trainings include all necessary material for 50+ clients. Our training prepares you to become an entrepreneur in the beauty and aesthetics industry, you will receive advice on marketing, social media management, professional photo shooting, customer service management and gives you access to unlimited coaching with your mentor educator.
  • This is my first time for a service, what should I expect?
    All our services include a mini consultation at the beginning in order to properly adapt to your needs and your lifestyle. We recommend coming with your makeup removed if your services are in the facial area. Make sure you always reserve a minimum of 2 hours of time for all your treatments and 3 hours minimum during hair care.
  • You had a promotion but I didn't do it soon enough, what should I do?
    All you have to do is deposit the total amount at the time of the promotion and you can use it when you are ready!
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, debit, credits, gift cards, or interac transfers.
  • I am dissatisfied or I have a problem after a service received from you, what should I do?
    Your satisfaction is essential to us! Please contact us as soon as possible so that we take care of giving you a complete experience even after your visit, it will be our pleasure to take care of you.
  • I lost a lot of eyelashes the first few days after my visit, is this normal?
    Several reasons can be the cause of a sudden fall of eyelashes: Water and humidity in the first 48 hours, hormonal change, change of seasons, intense stress, too heavy makeup, oils and oily products, etc. If you lose more than 10 eyelashes per day, it is important to let us know within 5 days of your appointment to receive your free touch-up for the first 5 days.
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