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We are professionals in the beauty and business industries. Each one of our X’C artists has mastered their skills through the X’C signature mastery educational system.

Today, we are taking beauty professionals to the next level. We offer a start to finish education, training, mentoring, and coaching both online and in-person.

We want to make you the master of your skills to expand your business, grow your clientele and teach you how to level up your services, income, and your impact in the beauty industry.


Walking you through every step of starting or growing your beauty business

From the basics to the most advanced strategies and key subjects such as:

  • The craft.

  • How to build a clientele and ensure client retention.

  • The income, pricing, and finance management.

  • Team building, hiring and employee retention.

  • Social media management and marketing.

  • Automation of your business and standing out from your competitors.

  • Professional photography.

  • Promotions, partnerships, and collaborations.

  • Course building.

  • Policies and common mistakes to avoid.


We believe that beauty and wellness are an art. But it also has its own type of science for artists. No matter how talented you are in your craft, implementing a good mindset, a business strategy and specific knowledge is the key to ensure the success of your business. It is not about how good you are, but about how great you can become.


X’C stands for excellence and that is exactly what we teach. How to scale your beauty business career in this shark industry, how to build your vision, mission, and much more.


Are you ready to join the X’Cellence mastery tribe?

Choose the programs that better fits your needs

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